Dansk Vækstkapital’s investment commitee determines its investment policy and criteria and decides which funds to invest in. Dansk Vækstkapital only invests in funds and not directly in companies, and the companies must therefore approach the funds and not Dansk Vækstkapital.

A number of criteria must be met if a fund is interested in an investment from Dansk Vækstkapital. In order to be an eligible candidate, funds must submit a detailed Private Placement Memorandum and necessary documentation specifying how the criteria will be met, to Vækstfonden’s secretariat. You need to submit a presentation of the fund that describes in detail how it intends to meet Dansk Vækstkapital’s investment criteria.

Based on the material submitted, the secretariat will prepare a recommendation for the board, which will then decide what funds to invest in. If you have any queries concerning the selection process or the criteria, please direct them to the secretariat.