About Dansk

Vækstkapital III


Dansk Vækstkapital III is a private investment fund investing in venture funds and small and mid-cap funds with a Danish anchor. The funds invests with the ambition to deliver a competitive return and it expects an annual return on 10-15 pct.

The new fund, which is part of the Danish Government’s Growth Package, is a continuation of the cooperation on risk capital, which Government and the pension funds agreed to continue in 2015 with the establishment of DVKII. Focus for Dansk Vækstkapital III is to contribute to innovation, growth and new jobs through responsible investments and UNs global goals for sustainability. Dansk Vækstkapital III seek to become an active investor participating in advisory boards – typical investments of DKK 100-250 million. Vækstfonden functions as a secretariat for Dansk Vækstkapital II.

In 2020, the Danish Government reached an agreement with a number of the largest pension funds in the country to establish Dansk Vækstkapital III which, among other things, gives new and smaller companies access to new risk capital:

  • The establishment of Dansk Vækstkapital III is a continuation of the cooperation on risk capital that was initiated by the Government and the pension funds in 2011, with the establishment of Dansk Vækstkapital I and in 2015 Dansk Vækstkapital II.
  • Dansk Vækstkapital III contributes to making risk capital available to company start-ups as well as existing small and medium-sized companies with significant growth potential.
  • Dansk Vækstkapital III is a “fund of funds”, which invests in funds run by professional private managers who, then, invest in companies within their respective competence area.
  • Dansk Vækstkapital invests in a wide range of funds, including venture funds and small and mid-cap funds. Around 40 pct. of the fund’s capital is aimed at the venture area, while 60 pct. are intended for established small and medium-sized companies (buyout).
  • Dansk Vækstkapital III has an investment commitee making the investment decisions following recommendations from the secretariat. The investment committee can only make investments, which have been given a positive recommendation by the secretariat.
  • Vækstfonden is the secretariat for Dansk Vækstkapital III.