The Organization


What is the role of Dansk Vækstkapital II’s Board of Directors?
Dansk Vækstkapital II has an independent Board of Directors whose members are nominated by the pension funds and appointed by the Danish Minister for Business and Growth. The Board of Directors lays down the fund’s detailed investment policy and criteria and is the ultimate authority to decide which funds to invest in.

Who is on the Board?
The Board of Directors counts Ulrik Spork (Chairman), Birgit Wøidemann Nørgaard, Peter Carøe, Jens Peter Toft and Kent Stevens Larsen among its members.

Vækstfonden has been appointed as the secretariat for Dansk Vækstkapital, what does this mean in practice?
Vækstfonden is the secretariat for Dansk Vækstkapital II, as it is for Dansk Vækstkapital I and in practice this means that potential funds need to send their documentation and material to Vækstfonden. The secretariat prepares the recommendations for the board which then decides which funds to invest in. After investments have been made, the secretariat manages the daily contact to and supervision of the funds on behalf of the board.