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Dansk Vækstkapital I invests in small & mid cap, venture capital and mezzanine capital funds, who subsequently invest in small and medium sized companies with growth potential. As funding is allocated through the funds, companies seeking funding must contact the funds directly in order to be eligible for capital.

Dansk Vækstkapital I has a broad investment focus and funds can invest in all sectors. Dansk Vækstkapital’s aim is to stimulate the creation of more growth companies, as well as delivering a competitive double-digit return to its investors. Dansk Vækstkapital therefore only makes commercial investments in funds that are managed by professional managers who possess specialist knowledge regarding the type of companies they invest in. It is a precondition for an investment by Dansk Vækstkapital that other private investors also invest.

Dansk Vækstkapital I invests capital provided by Danish pension funds, three quarters of which is rendered as a loan that is invested by Vækstfonden. Dansk Vækstkapital was formed on the basis of an agreement reached by the Government, F&P, ATP and LD on 13 January 2011.

The board of Dansk Vækstkapital I determines its investment policy and decides which funds to invest in. The board is nominated by its investors (F&P, ATP and LD) and is appointed by the minister of business and growth.